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Krissie Claire

Mindful Marketing Consultant For Ecommerce Businesses
Who Care About People & the Planet 🌎

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Visibile - Mindful - Ecommerce Business 🌎

Visibility & Sustainability

With 6 years of experience in brand positioning strategy, content marketing strategy and more recently - sustainability in ecommerce - I'm here to give you clear direction to build a mindful, profitable business that your customers will love.

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Kollectify (Founder & Advisor)

The only content marketing team specialising solely in the ecommerce and Shopify solutions ecosystem with a strong focus on sustainable ecommerce. We help ecommerce apps and agencies of all descriptions to harness the power of great content and smart positioning.

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MindfulCommerce (Co-founder & Sustainability Advisor)

A thriving, growing community of ecommerce developers, service providers and merchants - on a mission to reduce the environmental impact of ecommerce through community and educational resources. Every ecommerce business can be part of the solution.

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