Mindful Marketing & Business Wellness Coach - Krissie Claire

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Krissie Claire

Coaching Business Owners & Aspiring Business Owners to
Create Additional Income Streams w/out burnout.

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Business Coach

Business Coaching

Transition from employment to the freedom & flexibility of owning a business. Empowering you to shape a lifestyle that aligns with your unique goals.

Create additional streams of income with uncapped earning potential. This will not only allow you to create a bigger gap between money coming in and money going out, it’ll also help you to enhance your financial freedom and stability.

Design your perfect business wellness routine to prevent burnout, stress and anxiety. You'll not only feel amazing within yourself, but you'll also notice a shift in your mindset towards your business and flourish more than you ever have before.

Marketing support: with 6 years of experience in brand positioning strategy, content marketing strategy and sustainability, I can also give you clear direction to be visible to your ideal audience.

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Health & Wellness Program for you and your team

This is a 30 day program aimed at supporting individuals and businesses to focus on healthy habits throughout the month (and beyond) with the aim to boost energy levels, productivity, reduce brain fog and prevent stress/burnout. Employees with healthy minds & bodies are happier, have more energy and focus for their work and daily lives. When you help your team in this way, they’ll thank you for it and will be more likely to stick around and your business will thrive.

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Business Wellness Program